Clifton Park Errand Service

"Because you've got better things to do"

Is your life too stressful between work, kid's activities, household chores and daily errands? I can help de-stress your life and give you more free time by running your errands for you. Do you know a senior who is home bound without a local support network? I can assist with errands they might not be able to do anymore. This can also give their children, especially those who live out of the area, peace of mind. They know I will be "checking in on them" as well as assisting in simple tasks like bringing in the mail and putting out/bringing in the trash bins. I can also assist businesses and people working from home with their errands.

I have been in customer service/retail most of my life and for the past 10 years have run a successful dog walking business. On occasion I assisted several of the dog walking clients with errands as well as transported their furry friends. When the pandemic hit business slowed down, some friends asked me to assist with errands like grocery shopping for their parent as they were long distance and this led to the idea of adding errand services.

In my free time I enjoy cooking, which is why I love to grocery shop, on Saturdays I coach my son's rec soccer team at the Clifton Park Commons and I am a volunteer photographer at the Adirondack Balloonfestival in Glens Falls.

I am fully vaccinated but will continue to wear a mask when around clients as I won't know who is or isn't vaccinated or have other health conditions making them a higher risk for covid-19.